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Over the years we have been working together with brewers and manufacturers to bring a diverse and splendid array of Japanese sake and shochu to the UK.
a We now boast the most comprehensive range of Japanese sake and shochu in Europe (over 170 labels), complete with a large, dedicated chilled storage area. Our sake specialist can also assist in creating bespoke sake and shochu lists for restaurant customers.

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You can find our latest Japanese Sake products online. Yutaka shop’s home delivery service will deliver Japanese sake to your home so you can enjoy authentic taste of Japanese sake at home. You can buy your favourite sake from our widest selection of Japanese Sake online.

What is Sake?

Sake is a purely fermented alcohol beverage made from rice and water as main ingredients. It is important part of Japanese life and culture and has a long history over 2500 years. Production wise, it is similar to beer but taste wise closer to wine.

Sake has a special characteristic of lifting up the taste of food with its wider variety of flavours and aroma. It could be paired with any other cuisine but of course enjoyable by its own – both ways cold and hot.

Sake is not only tasty but also has less acidity and calories than wine.

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What is Shochu?

Shochu is a traditional Japanese distilled spirits made from grains and vegetables such as barley, rice, potato and shiso leaf. The highest alcohol volume of Shochu can reach 45% but the average is around 25% - weaker than Whisky or standard strength Vodka, but much stronger than Sake and Wine.

Shochu could be enjoyed during the meal on the rock, with water, soda, or even with hot water, as well as for cocktails.

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