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The leading importer, developer, and distributor of Japanese food and drinks in the UK and Europe. Tazaki Foods is trusted by leading restaurants, retailers, and manufacturers to deliver the finest quality products. We don’t only supply food; we supply healthy lifestyle.

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Tazaki Foods launched the “Yutaka” brand in 1995 to bring finest quality, easy to use Japanese products to consumers. Yutaka can be seen now on supermarket shelves not only in UK but also across Europe.

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Operating from a 69,000-square foot distribution centre in North London, we have a team of experienced sales staff to assist you with your specific needs. You will be assigned your own dedicated account manager, who will oversee all aspects of your account, ensuring you receive the highest level of service.


Our experts can work with you to create exciting new Japanese or Japanese-style dishes using our wide range of ingredients. We can also recommend where our ingredients will improve your traditional British or European menu.


Following increasing interest in Japanese Food among UK and European consumers Tazaki Foods created the Yutaka Brand in 1995. Yutaka is a range of Japanese Sushi ingredients targeted at Western consumers who are unfamiliar but eager to try Japanese Food at home.